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How to prepare for your interview

To give yourself the best chance of performing well at interview it is very important that you take time to prepare.

Here are my top tips for interview preparation:

Thoroughly research the company, their products, competitors, news

If it’s a motor manufacturer – visit one of their dealerships.

Read and ensure you full understand the job description, making a list of anything you don’t understand eg. abbreviations (these will be good questions for the interview)

Use the job description to understand the key skills / attributes required – for each one write down 1 or 2 recent real work-life examples which would demonstrate your competence.

Make sure your examples are for something you personally did, are put into context and that you explain the outcome of your action.

Prepare a list of questions eg. what would a typical day be like, what is the rest of the team like, what are the current key business issues for this role.


Good luck with your interview. For further candidate help and advice read more here

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