Are you courting your candidates?

Best Practice Advice for a great Candidate Experience

If you are currently recruiting a role have you thought about how you will make sure your job is the one candidates will want to accept? In today’s candidate driven job market a candidate will be weighing up you and your business to see if it’s where they want to be.

Here are some best practice activities that some of our clients use to ensure they create the best candidate experience, both during the interview process and leading up to a new employee joining.

Before the interview….

  • Brief the candidate/ recruitment agency well on the interview process, format, panel and any preparation required
  • Provide a well written job description which accurately describes the job function, reporting lines, area of influence, and required skills/competencies
  • Be flexible on interview dates / times
  • Be realistic about what you ask candidates to prepare – particularly for a first interview

At the interview…

  • Greet the candidate warmly & make them feel welcome
  • Tell them about your business, its ambitions, developments and why it’s a great place to work
  • Explain the context of the job and how they would fit in to the bigger business
  • Show them around the building – let them see where they would work and who they would work with
  • Be interested in them – use positive body language
  • Confirm what their salary/package expectations are and when they are available to start
  • Ask the candidate if they have any questions or concerns about the role and what other roles they are considering

After the interview…

  • Don’t delay with 2nd interviews or moving to job offer (good candidates will probably have multiple options)
  • Make a strong offer in line with the candidate’s expectations
  • Be prepared to negotiate – if you really want them
  • Get written contracts out quickly – by email

Once they have accepted the job and are working their notice period – keep them engaged in the job and your business. Keep in touch with them, invite them to events or meetings, send them emails or call them to discuss their start and induction programme.

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