Be a great interviewer

In today’s candidate-driven job market the interview process has never been more of a 2-way process. Your candidates will be assessing you and your business as much as you are assessing them. Here at Copeland we interview candidates every day. These are my top tips for giving a great interview:

Welcome your candidate, make them feel relaxed, try and relay any nerves.

Sell the opportunity and company to them – I recommend a brief presentation on the company – tell them about the business it’s successes and goals. Also tell them about the job and what they will actually do on a day to day basis.

Include other members of the team & show them the office they will be working in.

Make sure you really test their skill and abilities – I recommend a pre-prepared list of questions. Good candidates expect to be put through their paces and given the chance to demonstrate their abilities.

Give them a chance to ask questions.

If you are interested in progressing the candidate – find out where you stand – ask them how they feel about the job, what other roles they are considering and their salary expectations. Then act accordingly.

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