Beat the back to work blues

Here are our top tips to avoid the post-holiday blues:

Focus on the positives:
Focus on your achievements, contributions and future goals. Concentrate on what you enjoy and what motivates you. This will be a key factor to job satisfaction – do what makes you tick!

Talk to your line manager:
Express and communicate your thoughts & feelings towards the workplace and your job role. Afterall, your line manager is there to support, guide and listen to you. One conversation could make all the difference.

Set yourself goals:
People who are driven by their career will regularly set themselves goals and achievements. This gives an individual something to strive for. Make them realistic and achievable to ensure you set your own expectations. Use your line manager to your advantage and set yourself a development plan.

Express your ideas:
Communicate any new plans, processes or strategies you have towards the business or department. Don’t be afraid to have an input but be prepared for objections. Research, plan, and present your thoughts and ideas to your line manager. Being involved and heard makes a world of difference!

Manage your work life balance:
Take steps to ensure you understand what is required of you, when it’s required and how to achieve this. Planning and preparation is key to ensure a good work life balance.

Push for that promotion:
If you want to achieve something new, go for it and ask for that promotion. You’re in control of your own success!

Take time for yourself:
Take your allocated breaks
Sign yourself up for lunchtimes activities
Socialise with your colleagues
Interact with other departments
Limit your screen time
Eat well & stay hydrated
Get enough sleep (but not too much)

These small changes are good ways to keep happy, healthy and improve job satisfaction.

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