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Building Great Client Rapport

The biggest challenge in sales today is actually ‘talking’ to your client. I find getting through to my clients a real challenge in an email-centric world. Diaries get fully booked quickly and it is easier to ‘pop’ an email back rather than have a conversation.

However, I think there is real value in having a conversation.

I think the key to building a long standing, mutually beneficial relationship is to talk, and ideally meet with them. I enjoy speaking to my clients on a regular basis, and often find it is a more open conversation than what an email would have generated.

I am genuinely interested to find out how their week is going and their how their weekend was. Have they been/are they going on holiday? This just develops a good rapport and takes away a little of the usual business only conversation. In addition, it helps me understand the type of person they are and helps me to understand their personality traits and work style and I can adjust to suit.

Ultimately talking to your Client will lead to you understanding how they work, what they expect from you as a supplier and how you can work in a mutually beneficial way.

If they like you and trust you, will be able to resource the right type of candidates that they require, you will get more business from them and to be the first point of call when your client needs advice or help.

If you have a vacancy that you would like us to fill we would love to build a relationship with you, please give us a call today – 01235 821942


Written by Richard Piper, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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