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Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz Answers


Picture Round

  1. Which animal is often used as a mascot for Alvis?

A:   Hare

  1. Which city is represented on this logo?

A: Milan

  1. What does this symbol represent?

A: The pattern of helical gears


  1. Was Mercedes the daughter of Karl Benz or Gottleib Daimler?

A: Neither – she was the daughter of their business associate Emil Jellinek


World Round

  1. Where are Spyker cars made?

A: The Netherlands


  1. Name a sports car made in Israel in the 1960’s.

A: Sabra GT


  1. Which Australian manufacturer stopped production on 20th October 2017?

A: Holden


  1. At the end of 2016 who was the largest car manufacturer in the world?

A: Volkswagen overtook the previous holder, Toyota


  1. Where were Ferrari revals Pegaso sports car made?

A: Spain




  1. Who made the first all plastic car in the UK?

A: Lotus (1957) – Lotus Elite


  1. Where is the world’s first purpose built race track?

A: Brooklands, Surrey – 1907


  1. What was ‘La Jamais Contente’?

A: First road vehicle to reach 100km per hour in 1899 – powered by electric


  1. What was the speed limit before the first London – Brighton emancipation run?

A: A – 4 miles per hour in the Country and 2 mph in towns



  1. What is the maximum speed of the Lunar Rover?

A: B – 11.2mph


  1. Who holds the current land speed record?

A: RAF Pilot Andy Green at 763.035 mph set in October 1997 in Thrust SSC


  1. Which manufacturer has won 24 Hours race at Le Mans most?

A: Porsche – 19 times


  1. What is the current maximum speed of a Solar powered car?

A: Sunswift IV – 55.2mph in 2011



  1. What was the name of Sir William Lyons of Jaguar first company?

A: Swallow Sidecars


  1. What does TVR stand for?

A: Trevor


  1. Which car has Francesco Baracca’s family coat of arms as its symbol?

A: Ferrari – the prancing horse


  1. Which manufacturer has Turin as part of its name?

A:  FIAT – Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino


  1. On the four wheel drive Jensen FF, what does FF stand for?

A: Fergusson Formula – Fergusson Research developed the 4 wheel drive system

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