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Customer Feedback

Here at Copeland we love it when we get positive feedback from our clients and candidates, it gives us a lovely warm feeling and makes us think we are doing a good job. I’m sure you all feel the same when you get good customer feedback.

However what’s much more important than getting nice feedback from satisfied customers is ensuring that we do everything we can to make sure all our customers have a good experience at every touch point which might lead them to recommending us to others. I’d far rather my satisfied customers told someone else about it than tell me!

Relating this to my experiences as a customer to motor dealers I feel that with some there seems to be more onus on contacting the customer for feedback than actually ensuring that the experience is good in the first place.

I know dealers are under huge pressure from the manufacturers to get good CSI scores, but shouldn’t the manufacturers step back and consider that what is actually most important is to ensure the customer really has an exceptional experience? If they do I can guarantee the customer will do the selling for them. When I collected my last new car the dealer had left a little sign on the dashboard which said ‘Julia’s new car – don’t touch’. I loved this – they had gone the extra mile, it had cost them nothing but it made me smile and I told all my friends and spread the word. I am now sold into the brand and a pretty certain my next car will be the same brand!


Written by Julia Pennington, Managing Director

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