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Don’t let work become boring

Amongst the many ‘first day at school’ photos appearing on my social media feed last week, the one that made me laugh the most was of a depressed looking, middle aged man standing on his doorstep with the caption ‘5364 day at work’.

This got me thinking about what we can all do to stop work becoming dull and monotonous. Assuming promotion is not on the cards for you in the immediate future,  there are many things you can do as individuals to make our time at work more stimulating:

  • Create new challenges for yourself – to complete daily tasks faster/better
  • Set yourself daily goals & and reward yourself when you achieve them – I reward myself with a cup of tea after completing a challenging task.
  • Tidy your work-space – this will have a great effect on your well being
  • Ask your boss for new responsibilities – this doesn’t necessarily mean a promotion
  • Save the best jobs until last. Do the tasks you least enjoy first and then reward yourself with your favourite tasks.
  • Take a holiday – giving yourself a break can do wonders

If all the above fail, consider whether you have been in your job for too long. It’s easy to stay where you feel comfortable but should you be looking for the next job?



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