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Electric Dreams

After the many rumours, Dyson announced that it is spending £2Bn to develop a premium electric car due to go on sale as earlier as 2020. Details of the vehicle are sparse, but the catalyst for the development seems stems from James Dyson’s long held desire to tackle air pollution.

Dyson currently uses the types of motors found in electric cars and in 2015 bought University of Michigan’s Sakti3 start up, which planned to develop solid state battery technology which could be safer and more reliable than the current lithium– ion batteries. Dyson has just relinquished Sakti3’s patents but new announcement may signal a move in a different direction.

With Dyson joining the likes of Tesla, Google and Apple what does this mean for the future of the internal-combustion engined motor industry and their suppliers. It will be tough for Dyson to compete with the automotive industry giants but he may be able to follow in the tracks of Tesla and find his own niche.

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