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Future of motor racing?

Both Mercedes and Porsche announced last week that they will enter the electric race car series Formula E and pull out DTM (German Touring Cars) and Le Mans’ top class LMP1.

In Porsche’s case this is an interesting decision, throughout its history Le Mans has been instrumental in testing new technologies which filter down to road cars, such as the latest hybrids systems. You can understand the manufacturers rational for entering Formula E, particularly with the ban on production of new petrol and diesel cars.  The problem for the race car fan, is that at present Formula E does not generate the visceral and aural excitement of ‘traditional’ race cars. With more manufacturers entering Formula E let’s hope it improves,  but in the meantime it seems that ‘real racing’ as we know it, may only be found at nostalgic meetings such as this weekend’s Silverstone Classic.  https://www.silverstoneclassic.com/

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