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Get your job advert noticed

How do you get your job advert noticed amongst hundreds of similar jobs posts?

Firstly remember a job advert and a job description are not the same thing. Your advert needs to catch the eye of your target audience, draw them in and create interest, make them want to know more and make it easy for them to apply or express interest.

The acronym: AIDA is sometimes used. It stands for:

Attention: Need to catch someone’s eye in the heading and first line (what they will view on a mobile)

Interest: Write your ad with the reader in mind – what will be their considerations? What will get them interested? What will make them connect to the job and think it’s for them?

Desire: which relates job appeal and rewards to the reader so that they will aspire to them and want them.

Action: How do you want them to respond – make it easy – think about your audience’s age/profile – what will be their preferred method of response?

In today’s multi- media age I recommend a multi-media approach to your job adverts. Here are Copeland we use Images and Videos to help our adverts catch the attention and stand out from the crowd take a look:



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