Getting the best from your Recruitment Agency

If you have decided to seek the help of a recruitment agency to help you with a vacancy please read on. With over 17 years working as a recruiter to the automotive industry I’d like to share a few insights into how to get the most out of the recruiter – employer relationship:

  • Select the right agency: do your research, ask for recommendations and seek a reputable, recommended agency who are experts in your industry.
  • Do not instruct too many agencies: more is definitely not better. Best to use 1 or 2 agencies for any one vacancy.
  • Face to face meeting: welcome your agency representative to visit your business and learn about it. Remember – they are going to represent your business to sell it to prospective employees.
  • Brief well: the key to successful recruitment starts with a good briefing on the job vacancy. Ideally include the line manager in this. A good agency should have a long list of questions for you.
  • Communicate: all through the recruitment process keep open a 2-way line of communication. The agency may need answers to candidate questions. Ask them to provide a weekly progress update.
  • If your agency is struggling to find the right candidates: talk to them. There could be a number of reasons for this. Good agencies who know their sector should be able to offer ideas and recommendations as to why the recruit is proving challenging. Does the salary offered match the candidate requirements?
  • Give feedback: if candidates your agency finds are not suitable – give feedback and let them know why. This will help them to re-focus their search in the right direction
  • Work as a team: above all view your agency as an extension of your business and work with them as a team.

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