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Here come the Jetsons

Intel have published a study where they set out their vision of an autonomous future with zero accidents and mobility for all. They predict that by 2050 consumers could move from driving a car to a new ‘passenger economy’ where they are ‘driven by the car’.

In Intel’s utopian vision, consumers will no longer own, maintain or insure a car, but just hail self-driving vehicles. The passengers will then have more time for leisure activities such as watching films or shopping. The distribution, delivery and haulage industries could see large scale changes, where van and lorry drivers are no longer necessary and deliveries could take place 24/7. Intel also predict a time where driverless kiosks, such as mobile restaurants, clinics and beauty salons come to the customer’s door.

Intel have started the conversation – what facilities would you like to see provided in the new ‘passenger economy’?

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