How to get your hiring right – every time

If you’re involved in hiring people for your business you will no doubt have made a few mistakes in the past and taken on the wrong person for your team. The strength of your business is based on the strength of your employees. Get your hiring right and your business can fly.

So how to ensure you get your recruitment process right first time – every time?

Here are our top 3 golden tips:

  • Recruit for attitude above skills. You can’t teach someone to be motivated, resilient or goal orientated etc. If you’re struggling to find a perfect fit for your vacancy you’d be better off hiring someone who is slightly lacking in skills and experience but has all the attitudes you need. You can train them on the skills once they join.
  • Beware the ‘professional’ interviewee who thinks they know how to answer your questions. Ensure you have a thorough interview process with competency based questions asking for real life examples. Test their skills and use interview tasks.
  • Look for ‘High Performer’ traits. There are certain commonalities that top performers have over average performers. Look out for the language they use – they will talk about wanting to be the best and achieve for themselves, they will want to learn & constantly improve themselves, they will love being busy and they’ll be great at prioritising their work.

Follow this advice and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find.

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