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How to perform at interview

With the annual Oscars upon us we’ve been thinking about what we can learn from these amazing performers that might help at an interview.

Learn your lines – prepare your answers for a competency-based interview (we use CAR – Context, Action, Result). If you are asked to present, try to use your bullet points on the PowerPoint as a prompt. The more you practice the less you will need a script and it will come more naturally.

Do your research – take a look at the company’s website, their products and competitors.

Read the script – learn the job descriptions, find questions to ask and discuss the skills you can bring.

Dress the part – dress appropriately for the business you are meeting – research this beforehand.

Positive body language – sit up straight, firm handshake, look interested.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Once you have done these things, you will deserve an Oscar for your interview performance.

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