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How to retain employees

Finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges that any business faces.  We all know that the best way to minimise vacancies is to retain staff, but what can be done to minimise staff turnover?

In Copeland’s recent employee survey we asked employees who were thinking about moving jobs what the key factors were influencing this. The 2 leading reasons given were career progression (66%) and better compensation (48%).

But is this the full picture? I don’t think so.  I feel employers need to look hard at the initial triggers that may start an employee thinking about leaving. If these can be addressed staff turn-over should start to go down.

According to a recent survey by Investors in People ‘poor management’, ‘not feeling valued’ and ‘working hours’ were major factors for people not being happy in their jobs.

So here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Remember it’s not all about promoting and giving pay rises
  • Have regular 1-2-1s with employees to address any issues that are surfacing at an early stage.
  • Make your staff feel valued – praise them for good work.
  • Keep jobs interesting and stimulating, if you can’t promote someone, give them more responsibility or a project to do to keep them engaged.
  • Involve employees in the bigger picture and give them a vision of what the business is trying to achieve and what role they play in that.

If you have a vacancy you need help with please get in touch with the Copeland team. We’re experts in recruiting for the automotive industry and would love to help you.

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