How to select the best candidates

Anyone involved in hiring people for their business will be very familiar with having to review CVs and select the right ones for interview. At Copeland we review CVs every day, so here are our top tips:

Timing is everything.

Review CVs in small batches of 1-5 as soon as possible after application. Don’t wait until you have a pile to wade through – you may lose the best candidates as they have been snapped up elsewhere.

Have a checklist.

Have a list of the essential skills and experience you need and score each CV against this.

Get a second opinion.

Spend some time with a fellow hiring manager or HR and understand how they review CVs and if there is anything you could be doing differently. See if they agree with your selection.

Read between the lines.

Look out for what is not on the CV. Look for the type of language used. High achievers will talk about wanting to learn and achieved success for themselves.

Ask questions.

If you are ‘on the fence’ about whether to progress the application, pick up the phone and talk to the candidate or recruitment consultant. Ask questions and dig deeper. Your time is precious and a quick call could save hours of wasted time at the interview stage.

Review the brief.

If you find that none of the CVs you have received match up to your expectations consider amending your job brief or advertisement. Have you made it clear what essential skills and experience is required? Is it attractive to potential applicants? Have you sourced candidates from the right place to reach your desired target audience? Have you used the right agency to help you?

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