How to use Social Media to find a job

Using social media can be a great tool in assisting with a job search.  Employers and recruiters are now actively now using it to both source and engage with potential candidates and whilst it’s important that you understand what should be kept private and what should be shared, platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be a great way to get noticed and find your new role.

Benefits of using social media in your job search

  • You will be more visible to recruiters and companies who are using social media to advertise their jobs and source candidates
  • You can apply for advertised roles easily and quickly
  • You can build your network and engage with a wider audience across multiple social channels


Most employers and recruitment agencies today now use LinkedIn to source candidates with specific skill sets, qualifications and experience for their current vacancies. To get yourself noticed on LinkedIn:

  • Make your profile sells you, ensure that is is up-to-date, professional and complete.
  • Include some keywords relating to your sector or what you’re looking for
  • Check your security settings and make your profile visible to everyone.

Top Tip – Use keywords so recruiters can find you


As many of us use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and to share photos and updates of our lives it’s understandable that you would want to keep this private, however many recruiters and employers now pay to advertise jobs on Facebook and target audiences based on location and professional information so it would be worthwhile making sure this is up to date as you may get a job appear on your feed.

Top Tip – Keep your personal updates private but share your location and professional information 


Follow relevant recruiters and employers and engage with their tweets. Many companies tweet about available opportunities with links to apply.  Include a professional looking photo, an appropriate bio and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Top Tip – Follow relevant companies and individuals in your industry or network

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