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Is salary the most important thing?

There are many factors that are the driving force behind looking for a new role, but is salary always the top? Although salary is certainly a consideration it’s not always the most important thing – so what other factors are there?

Culture fit is such an important factor to many of our clients and should be high on the priority list for candidates. Cultures can vary so much between companies that there is no such thing as one fits all. Find a culture that fits you, it may be a culture that will allow you to be more flexible or that embraces change and development.

Work life balance
Find a job that allows you to enjoy your life outside of work too, it maybe that you are looking for a new job because you work away Monday- Friday and are not spending enough time with family, you may need a role closer to home for pet commitments or looking for a company that will allow flexi time. Whatever it may be work life balance is often high up on the motivations for looking for a new role.

Holiday allowance and employee benefits are a huge consideration for most. If you want to work for an automotive manufacturer you will find their company car schemes differ for each company and grade. Get as much information as you can about the company benefits before you apply to ensure it fits in line with your expectations.

You want to work in a role that feel you are adding value and making a positive difference.  Do your research, look at their company LI page and their current employees – what career history do they have, has anyone been promoted or developed?

‘Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’

Although it’s a bit cheesy, if you find a job that you enjoy and keeps you motivated you are less likely to look for another role.

Look for a position that challenges you to grow and improve, a job that pushes you to grow beyond your current skill set can be quite high up on people’s reasons for moving.

If you spend a large percentage of your time with a team then it’s important to enjoy working with them, if you don’t get along or the team hasn’t got the right atmosphere you may find yourself on the job hunt.


Above all be honest with yourself as to why you are looking, it may well be all about the money but more often than not there is much more to consider.  Utilise your recruitment consultant when discussing new opportunities and if you think a company culture, benefits, challenge etc may not be for you, tell us! It will help us in identifying other suitable roles for you as they arise.

Written by Nicola Hedges, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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