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Journey into space …and beyond

SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy rocket on 6th February and successfully set Elon Musk’s cherry-red Tesla Roadster on its journey into space. Other than a fantastic advert for Tesla.

What has this do with the earth bound motor industry? Well, Musk is using his vast wealth to show us that with technology almost anything is possible. The move to electric powered vehicles is gathering steam and the potential rewards are high. It is estimated that the market is worth £22bn a year when only 10 per cent of the cars on the road are electric.

More main stream chemical indiustries and university backed start-up companies are investing heavily in new battery technologies. Dual Carbon batteries can now  be charged 20 times faster than a lithium-ion batteries. One company Power Japan Plus, believes that their Dual Carbon battery could charge a Nissan Leaf in 12 minutes rather than the current four hours. The new batteries are also safer, more sustainable and cheaper to manufacture.

Maybe Musk’s Tesla launch was a ‘flight of fantasy’ but is the future is closer than we think.

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