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Latest Trends in Interviews

In today’s fast moving digital world interview processes are also evolving. As a candidate you need to be prepared and flexible for a variety of interview types and styles. Here are some of the common stages our clients now use to select their candidates:

Telephone Interviews – many businesses now use telephone interviews as the first stage in the interview process and in some instances they are used for the second stage as well. It is quite possible to be offered a job without actually meeting the employer face to face.

Skype/Facetime – an extension of the telephone interview are regularly used.

Online tests – Usually you would be sent a link prior to a face to face interview and asked to complete online tests – these could include psychometric/personality, verbal reasoning, numerical tests etc.

Self-recorded video interviews – this is a relatively new concept where the candidate is sent a link and asked to record themselves answering a set of questions. The results are then reviewed by the employer.

Interview tasks – these are commonly used to test key skills and competencies required for the job. Sometimes you will be provided with a brief prior to the interview so you can prepare but  an increasingly common style is the ‘on the day task’ where you will be presented with a task on the spot at the interview, given some time to prepare and then asked to present back.

Face to face – Usually all of the above will be followed by a more traditional face to face interview. More often than not employers will ask ‘Competency Based Questions’ (See our advice here).


If you are a candidate your Copeland consultant will fully brief you on exactly what to expect in the interview process and how you can best prepare.  To kick-start your next career move register with us here.

If you are employer and would like our advice on interview processes and how to identify the best candidates please get in touch: julia@copelandselect.co.uk

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