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Are you applying for the right job?

Going through an external recruitment process can be a stressful and nerve racking process. You may well have a wobble along the way and wondering if you are making the right decision. So how can you re-assure yourself that it’s the right move?

I recommend you do your research early in the recruitment process – look into the company, the employees, the job content and ask lots of questions. If you’re not convinced it’s right withdraw your application without delay. Interview processes can be time consuming – you need to be prepared to fully invest in your application.

Have salary and benefits discussions early on – before the interview process starts. Don’t make the mistake of going through an interview process only to discover at the final hurdle that the package does not meet your requirements.

Remember an interview is a two-way process, it’s as much an opportunity for you to ask questions as to answer them. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in the job – most employers will see this as a positive.

Here are a few ideas of questions you might like to ask:

–              Company culture?

–              Organisational structure and how this role fits in with this?

–              Tell me more about the team, personalities etc?

–              What will a typical day in the role be?

–              What are the possibilities for development/ promotion?

–              Tell me more about the exact content of the role?

–              What are the key challenges in this role?

Hopefully the role will feel right on both sides and you will be offered the role, however if you have any concerns or doubts, make sure you ask questions to clarify things. You would hate to walk away or turn down the perfect role due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding.

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