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Navigating New Job Nerves

For most people it is easy to feel nerves when starting a new job. Here are some helpful ways to ease your way in, and eventually have more confidence in the workplace.

Know the job before you start: You’ve been given the job description before you start, so you may as well put it to good use! Similar to preparing for an interview, having knowledge of the JD and what your new job entails is a big bonus to your first day, things won’t seem as foreign to you.

Have self belief: Your new employer saw something in you from the beginning, so trust in them and yourself. You have been employed because you are the best one for the job, start believing in it.

Ask questions: Induction may have finished in a breeze but your questions shouldn’t. No one is expecting you to know everything, so just ask if you’re a little stuck.

Relax: There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at work. Get to know your new colleagues at lunchtimes, find common interests and make connections early on.

Ask for feedback: When was the last time you asked for some feedback on a piece of work you have done? It only takes two seconds to ask if it was up to scratch, this will show your employer you are keen to keep on improving, a brilliant mentality to have.

Hopefully by following some of these handy tips you’ll feel a lot better in your new job, do you have any others to add?

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