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The right time to look for a job?

I often speak with candidates who are at the early stages of their job search and then for various reasons choose to delay their search. So, it made me wonder if there is ever a good time to look for a new job?

If you are currently employed there are a number of reasons that may make job hunting challenging, these can include current workload/ deadlines, holidays in the team, bonus/ commission due, or even no holiday allowance left to take for interviews.

I think of it like buying a new house. You need to invest time for viewings, mortgage arrangements and solicitors’ appointments but in return you get your dream home. If you delay your house search you may miss out on that house, end up paying more, and possibly always regret missing out on that dream home.

So if you really want to find your ‘dream job’ you need to invest time. If you are working there may never be a perfect time for job hunting and there will always be reasons to delay your search. I urge you to remember why you decided to look in the first place – was it money? benefits? career progression? work/ life balance?

You are in charge of your future and delaying it by 3… 6… 12 months may mean you miss out on opportunities along the way.

The main thing is that you commit to the process. If you decide to start applying for roles be ready to be invited for interviews and make time to attend. You will then be in control of your future and give yourself the best chance of finding the job you want.

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