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Time Management Secrets

I’ve spent the last week trying to find time to write this blog – so I thought I would share my thoughts with you on good time management.  I’ve spent many years juggling running a business with family life and trying to find a bit of me time somewhere as well, so have had to learn how to be efficient. Here’s what works for me:


To do list: every job goes on the list, it’s an ongoing rolling list. As a job is done I cross it off.


Prioritise and re-prioritise: at the beginning of the day I prioritise tasks and add them to my Outlook diary but I always re-prioritse as things arise during the day.


Diarise time for the major jobs: I block out time in my calendar for a major task that will take a few hours. I then fit the shorter tasks around it.


Control the email habit: most email do not require an instant response.  I try to only check and respond to emails 3 times a day and deal with them in blocks. I always leave them in my inbox until they are dealt with, then move them into an appropriate folder. If I need to really concentrate on a task I sometimes close down my email browser so I am not distracted by new emails coming in.


Be Pro-active not re-active: I know what my priorities are each day. I need to be the controller of my most precious resource – my time. If a call, email or internal request arises that is not my priority at a given moment, I will note it down (on my ‘to do list’ and respond to it when I am ready.


Good luck. I’m now going to tick-off ‘Write a great blog’ from my To do list.


Julia Pennington, Managing Director

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