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How far is too far to travel to work?

Commuting can often be the worst part of a role and one of top the reasons candidates give us when they approach us to consider new opportunities. It also plays a big part in decisions on whether or not to apply for a job.

We are all very lucky in Copeland that we live fairly local and my 10-minute drive takes me across some of Oxfordshire’s pretty countryside – but in the past I’ve had a mix of field and office based roles battling city centre traffic and long delays and I now feel very lucky to live close to my work as it gives me the perfect work life balance.

So, it’s made me wonder how far is too far to travel to work? The answer to this will vary hugely between personal circumstances and requirements.

An hour drive is a drop in the ocean to some but this is 10 hours per week you will be spending in the car and effectively increasing your working week by 25%.

Another thing to consider is mileage, as this does not always give an indication of speed or convenience. I live 8 miles away from the city centre but because of traffic and parking restrictions this means I would need to catch a park and ride and therefore the 8 mile trip could mean a 1.5 hour journey each way.

Transport links need to also play a big factor, for those who know where we are based in Copeland it’s a lovely area and although has some transport links it’s certainly not the same as in a city centre. A bus from the next town down (4 miles away) can take over an hour as it visits every village possible en-route. Yet if you go the other way into Oxford on public transport it would take half the time.

So, before taking the role or applying think carefully about how you will get there, how long will it take you and if you’re unsure do some test runs for your start and finish time to make sure it fits in line with your requirements. If you are thinking about a move for any reason do not hesitate to contact us.

Written by Nicola Hedges, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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