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Welcoming New Employees

If you are taking on a new employee you will want to get them up to speed and ready to add value as quickly as possible.

Here are my tips to help ease a new employee’s start:

  • Work Station: Have their work station ready for their arrival – ideally with an email address already up and running.
  • People: Introduce them to key people in your business and ideally arrange a social event with their immediate team in their early days.
  • Induction: Make an induction/training plan for them and ensure it is completed.
  • Management: Be prepared to invest time in your new employee over their first few weeks – it will pay dividends in the long run.
  • Expectations: Ensure you give them clear expectations and guidelines on company culture and work style. Behaviour which was the norm with their previous employer may not be acceptable in your business.
  • Feedback: Give regular feedback on their performance in the early days – both positive and areas for improvement.
  • Encouragement: Remember to encourage and praise them for things they are doing well. It will boost their confidence and future performance.

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