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What Makes a Great Car Advert?

After watching the recent BBC Apprentice candidates make a complete mess of creating a TV ad for a new car it go me to thinking – how do you make a great Car Advert & create the emotion with the customer that hits the spot?

Any of you who follow me on LinkedIn will have seen me post this ad a few times – my favourite advert – Audi “The Comeback” , I don’t know if it’s his little arms, his lovely accent or the sadness that he just doesn’t belong, but gets me every time. The other advert that makes me smile is the Anuncio Ford C Max in 2016 as I can just imagine my little one doing exactly the same.

I’d love to know what advert ‘does it’ for you. Comments welcomed. Equally, if you are a marketing genius who helps create TV ads – do share your secrets.

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Nicola Hedges, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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