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What makes a High Flyer?

During my many years working as a Recruitment Consultant to the Automotive Industry I have had the pleasure of working with to some amazingly talented, ambitious individuals. Occasionally I will interview someone who stands out as having enormous potential and I will find myself predicting a meteoric career progression.

When I have come across these people years later I am usually pleasantly surprised to see my predictions coming true.

So what is it that makes these people stand out & how can you follow their example to help fast-track your career?

Great at their job

It goes without saying that they will be high achievers and probably over-achieving on their targets however they have other ‘soft-skills’ that really help them.

Great Communication & Listening Skills

They know how to listen and engage with people. They will only need to be given an instruction once.


They build excellent internal relationships at all levels in the business. They know that managers are more likely to promote people they like. They will embrace all company social opportunities and get to know as many people as possible.


They are quietly confident and believe in their own abilities and worth and are prepared to stand up for themselves. They are not ‘yes-people’ – they are far more likely to question things offering alternative solutions to problems.


They are excellent networkers both internally and externally.

Positive attitude

Above all they emit a positive vibe which others will feel.

If you’d like to employ someone like this or think you might be one of these people – please get in touch – perhaps I can introduce you – 07973 286342, julia@copelandselect.co.uk

Written by Julia Pennington, Managing Director

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