How Copeland supported Andrew Hill

Name: Andrew Hill

Placed As: Regional Marketing Manager

Company: Vauxhall Motors Ltd / McCann

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How did you first come to work with Copeland?

I was already aware of the automotive recruitment services of Copeland due to past colleagues recommending them, so when I too decided to move on, they were my first contact.

What career goals were you trying to achieve?

I was ultimately looking for a broader depth of opportunities with an employer. Partnering with Copeland really assisted with this search to find what we felt was truly right for me.

What have been the benefits of working with Copeland?

Having been with my previous employer continuously for a little over 20 years, my initial approach and resume was dated. Copeland assisted hugely with positive direction and aided in bringing my application bang up-to-date. This support and their connections with the industry meant that I was able to secure an interview quickly. A preparation pack was provided and regular supporting contact throughout the whole process gave me significant confidence (bearing in mind that I’d been out of the recruitment market for such a lengthy period of time).

What’s it like working with Copeland?

All members of the Copeland team had knowledge of my application, so if my usual contact was not immediately available, any queries I had were either answered or responded to very quickly thereafter. Really supportive, fantastic guidance and I probably wouldn’t have got this job without them. Working out of hours and the guidance was invaluable. Now happy in my new role, I have no hesitation in recommending Copeland for anyone who is looking for roles within the automotive industry. Knowledgeable. Professional. Dedicated.

Really supportive, fantastic guidance and I probably wouldn’t have got this job without them.

Andrew Hill, Regional Marketing Manager, Vauxhall Motors Ltd
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