How Copeland supported Andrew Main

Name: Andrew Main

Placed As: Corporate Account Manager

Company: Nissan Motor GB / CPM

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How did you first come to work with Copeland?

I think I was approached by you guys. Obviously I’d showed interest previously – I had liked your pages on LinkedIn. I was approached by yourselves saying was I in the market looking for something. You came forward with the Nissan role which seemed to be a really good fit in terms of what I was looking for at the time and where my ambitions lay. It ticked all the boxes for me.

What career goals were you trying to achieve?

At the time it was to build a career within a car manufacturer that was going to last a long period of time. Also the aim was for me personally was to secure a stronger basic salary as I was heavily commission based before. In my previous role, I couldn’t see where the next step was. I felt that I had hit a brick wall with my previous employer. You came along with something that gave me a genuine career path.

What have been the benefits of working with Copeland?

The amazing jobs that you have offered. Not just this job – I’m sure there were a couple of others offered at the same time. You seem to always have a good stock of jobs coming through. Every time I’ve looked at the website, there’s always something that jumps out at me.

What’s it like working with Copeland?

The communication is spot on, really well communicated all the way through the process. Regardless if that was going forward for an opportunity or maybe not being the right fit for an opportunity that I thought might be a good fit for myself. Also, just the personal touch – you’re always at the end of the phone and I can call. You’ve answered the phone and it’s like it’s picked up where we’ve left off. You’re not one of many – you get that personal touch.

Little things like sending me a card after I got the job saying congratulations. I’ve never had that before (I didn’t even get one from my mum and dad! It’s a very small touch but it just shows you care. That’s why I reconsidered you guys when I came to the end of this job. You were the first people that I called.

The communication is spot on, really well communicated all the way through the process

Andrew Main, placed as: Corporate Account Manager, CPM/Nissan Motor GB
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