How Copeland supported Dometic UK Ltd

Company: Dometic UK Ltd

Business Area: Supplier

Provided By: Sophie Quere, Territory Manager UK & Ireland

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Dometic is a global market leader in branded solutions for mobile living and provide products for use in recreational vehicles, trucks and premium cars, pleasure and workboats. They are the world’s leading supplier of integrated cooling solutions for the automotive industry.

Dometic had been searching for a Business Development Manager to build their UK business with distributors and workshops but had failed to find the right person. That’s when they contacted Copeland.

Dometic UK’s Challenge

We had been trying to recruit via social media and online. We weren’t getting the right calibre of people. We decided to try to find a recruitment agency who specialise in the automotive sector as we wanted to recruit someone who would be active right away with knowledge of the automotive industry.

The challenge was to fill a position which had been open for 6 months. It was becoming really urgent as we were losing business as we didn’t have anyone in the role. The challenge was to find someone who would be operational from day 1 and offer a quick return on our investment.

What were the benefits of working with Copeland?

After giving you the brief you were very quick to understand what we wanted. You asked the right questions. Within the space of 2 weeks we had CVs. We received the right calibre of candidate in terms of quality and quantity.

How Closely did Copeland’s candidates fit your brief?

The candidates were a close enough fit as they had been working closely with our products or competitors’ products. It gave us the confidence that we had the right candidates.

What’s it like working with Copeland?

You tried to genuinely understand what we were after by asking lots of questions. You kept us informed at all times and asked for feedback. It’s been a very seamless process. The candidates you brought to us had done thorough research on our company and our business. They were much better prepared than previous candidates. I would not hesitate to call you the next time we need someone from the automotive industry.

I would not hesitate to call you the next time we need someone from the automotive industry.

Sophie Quere, Territory Manager UK & Ireland, Dometic UK Ltd
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