How Copeland supported Pankaj Babbar

Name: Pankaj Babbar

Placed As: Parts Product Manager

Company: Nissan Motor GB

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How did you first come to work with Copeland?

You approached me about the opportunity.

What career goals were you trying to achieve?

I was looking for career development in the automotive sector. I had already worked in the aftermarket for about 8.5 years. I was looking to progress in the automotive industry as a product manager and a vehicle manufacturer opportunity was on my list. You came up with the opportunity at Nissan.

What have been the benefits of working with Copeland?

You had done the hard work of finding out where I was in my career and then matching that with the opportunity available. I thought it was the perfect match because my skills were exactly transferrable to this job and I was able to utilise a lot of my knowledge. The team I joined valued the knowledge I had. You guys matched the skills perfectly for me. I worked out really well. It has given me a good exposure of the Vehicle Manufacturer market and the whole aftersales market.

What’s it like working with Copeland?

Very professional company to deal with. Just be open with your skills and knowledge with Copeland so you can match them with available opportunities.

You guys matched the skills perfectly for me. It worked out really well.

– Pankaj Babbar placed as Parts Product Manager, Nissan Motor GB
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