How Copeland supported Iain Vine

Name: Iain Vine

Placed As: Zone Finance Manager

Company: PSA Finance

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How did you first come to work with Copeland?

Via LinkedIn. I saw the job posted and I responded to that and you very swiftly came back to me.

What career goals were you trying to achieve?

Something beyond dealership life. Something that was connected to and applying the skills and experience that I’ve gained and taking it beyond a single dealership.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

Having worked for many luxury brands in dealerships and worked for dealer groups and been in roles for large groups, it was then being able to secure something with a manufacturer or finance house who appreciate that experience.

What have been the benefits of working with Copeland?

Your swift and professional service. When you have said you’re going to call you have called. When I have emailed I’ve had a very friendly response from everyone at Copeland. When you phone you get straight through to the person and that’s absolutely golden.

What’s it like working with Copeland?

It’s how I would like it done and how I operate in my business. We don’t have automated systems; everybody answers the phone. It just works for me. I’ve been contacted by a lot of recruiters via LinkedIn and have sent a message back saying I may be open to things, keep me updated and you don’t hear anything again. You just feel as if somebody’s blanket emailing and not at all interested in you. It was different with you.

You have that drive and motivation to get it done and that comes across with everyone I’ve spoken to.

Iain Vine, Zone Finance Manager, PSA Finance
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