How to motivate your sales team

Every sales manager is faced with this challenge on a daily basis. With many years’ experience managing sales teams I wanted to share a few things I’ve learnt.

We’re always told that all sales people are different and are motivated by different things but equally I think all sales people are basically motivated by the same things:

Clear, Achievable Targets Sales people need to feel their targets are achievable and their product/service is ‘sellable’ – make sure you don’t ask them to do something unrealistic. It’s often best to break down targets into a combination of achievement and activity targets.

Break down the goals – into bite sized chunks. Start with a 90-day plan and then break this down into monthly, weekly and even daily business critical tasks.

Regular 1-2-1s – Have a regular weekly slot to review progress against goals, discuss difficulties and provide coaching. People who are accountable and measured on a regular basis perform better.

A Great Boss If you inspire your team, treat them fairly and with respect they will be happy and want to do a good job for you.

Self-belief Sales, particularly new business is tough and success will go hand in hand with rejections and knock backs. Instil a sense of self-belief in your team so they don’t give up when things get tough. Success (or lack of it) can be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Feel valued Above all else sales people love to be recognised, praised and valued. Get this right and you’re onto a winner.  Recognition does not always need to be monetary – sometimes a ‘well done’ is all that’s needed.

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