Get your interview presentation right

Interview presentations are a regular part of many interview processes but how can you ensure you deliver the best presentation?

Understand the brief / task

Make sure you are absolutely clear on what you are being asked to do and what question you are required to answer.


Stick with the time you have been given and do not run over this, your presentation will also be a test to see if you can complete a task on brief.

Demonstrate your skills

Use the job description to highlight the required skills for the role and ensure you tailor your presentation to reflect these skills.

Do your research

Know the company inside out, their culture, values, competitors etc. Do visit a dealership even if you are going for a role in a manufacturer or agency, it’s important to demonstrate your understanding and interest in the company.


Look at the logos, fonts and colours on the company website and use these in your presentation.

Keep it concise

Keep it to simple bullet points, don’t go too text heavy or you will lose the attention and focus off your audience. Bullet points should contain enough detail to let the company know what you are saying without the full detail of you talking – if they get this presentation before your interview or ask it to be left with them, will it make sense?


Practicing your presentation is key, either in front of someone or even in the mirror. Keep an eye on your body language and speaking pace. Time how long it takes you to deliver so you have a reference on where you should be at which points in your presentation so that you don’t over-run on your time slot.

Double & Triple Check

Double check everything, you don’t want to slip up due to a spelling or grammar error, also check for formatting and design – are you using the same font / size throughout. Get somebody else to proof read your presentation.

How will you present on the day?

Check how the company want you to deliver your presentation, for example do you need to bring a USB? Make sure you have all the details and bring a back-up with you; I would also recommend that you print out a few copies as even if the power goes you can still continue with your presentation.

Be natural

On the day, try not to read from a script and use your bullet points as your prompt, take notes with you if you need and practice before hand – the more you practice the less you will need a script and become more natural, engaging with more eye contact.

Use your recruiter

If you are going through a recruiter use them to proof read and offer you advice. They will know the company well and have an idea of the style of presentation they may be looking for.

If you are reading this and have an upcoming presentation, we wish you all the best of luck and remember you wouldn’t have got this far in the process if they didn’t feel you could do their job!

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