How to prepare for your interview

Before we send you to an interview with a client, we will discuss the job vacancy and employer with you in detail and give you a job description. We take time to get to know all our clients and will pass on our knowledge to you.


We recommend you take the time to do your own research on the company, their products and position in the market.

Job descriptions often containing ‘key competencies’ required for the job. You need to study these and prepare for competency-based questions. To do this you need to think about the key competencies required and be ready to give examples of how you can fulfil these – ideally using examples from your previous employment. See competency-based interviews video below:

Research your interviewers and know who you are meeting and research them. LinkedIn is a great tool for this.

On the day

Dress appropriately. Not all interviews require suits. We’ll do our best to brief you on the culture of the business and advise you on appropriate dress code.

Listen hard and answer the questions asked. Save anything extra that you want to tell for the end of the interview.

Don’t give one word answers. Try and give live examples to back up your responses.

Use the first person. Interviewers want to know what YOU can do. Ask questions. If you are genuinely interested in an opportunity you should have lots of questions you want to ask. Think about these beforehand. It’s fine to have a pre-written list of questions ready. Stay positive – particularly when giving reasons for wanting to move jobs.

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