Getting your job description right

If you have a vacancy in your business it’s likely the first thing you will need to kick-start the recruitment process is a good job description.

Writing your job description will force you to think about the exact experience, skills, attributes and qualifications you need. As your business evolves these may well differ from those of the outgoing person. Getting this right at the beginning of a recruitment process is a key element to a successful hire – it will help you to:

  • Objectively select the right candidates for interview
  • Formulate the necessary interview questions and tests
  • Ultimately select the right candidate for the position

So here’s a guide to how to write a job description and what you need to consider including. We’ve also included our job description templates below.

What to include

  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Grade & Department
  • Reporting Line & Reportees
  • Plus:

Purpose of the Role

A short paragraph or list of bullet points explaining what the role holder is there to do.

Degree of Influence/Impact

This might cover the level of contact with both internal and external stakeholders and the level of influence the role-holder has.

Main Responsibilities/Accountabilities

This is where you go into detail about the tasks they will need to carry out. Best to stick with bullet points. You don’t need to give highly detailed KPI’s here – just an overview. This is often divided into main headings with a list of bullets for each.

Skills / Experience / Competencies / Qualifications

This is a bulleted list of the candidate requirements. It could be one list or divided into sub-headings.

Whilst you will have certain essential candidate requirements, we recommend keeping an open mind on some requirements until you know the likely size of your candidate pool. It’s a good idea to indicate which requirements are  ‘essential’ and which are ‘desirable’.

Important Considerations

Make sure your job description does not include anything that might be considered discriminatory.

Still need some help? Please get in touch to discuss your vacancy and we’ll help you write a great job description.

Job Description Templates

Job Description Template 1 Job Description Template 2 Job Description Template 3

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