Write a great CV

Getting your CV right is the first step to securing your dream job. Don’t leave it to chance.

Your overall aim is to make your CV as clear and reader-friendly as possible. The person reading your CV may well just scan read it to pick up key points and experience – so make sure the important things are clear.

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How to write a brilliant CV

CV Tips


The length of your CV will depend on the amount of experience and job you have had, however as a rule of thumb if it’s running to more than 3 or 4 pages you may need to edit it. Don’t miss anything off or leave any unexplained gaps in time but do stick to simple bullet points and have less information for less recent roles.


Make sure it is clear, easy to read and logical. A white background is easier to read than a coloured one.


  • Always list your jobs in reverse chronological order (most recent job first)
  • Keep it factual
  • A short paragraph at the start giving an overview of you and your major skills is very popular, but do remember that this can be seen as rather subjective
  • Use bullet points to list key responsibilities and achievements for each role
  • A client wants to employ a real person. It’s ok to say a little bit about what you do outside work – but keep it brief and remember your passion may not be the reader’s passion.

Key words

If you are actively seeking a new role and want recruiters to find you on LinkedIn or other CV sources, remember to use plenty of key words so that you come up in the right searches.

Tailor it

You can change your CV to highlight relevant skills and experience for each individual job application. Make sure your CV clearly shows a potential employer that you are the right person for their vacancy.

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