Create a Great Candidate Experience

In today’s candidate driven job market the candidate is not the only one under scrutiny. More and more potential applicants are weighing up the businesses that they interact with, deciding both before and during the process if it is somewhere they wish to be.

Below is some best practise advice to consider if you wish to create a great candidate experience.

Always communicate with your candidates

Seamless communication should be a top priority – how you behave during the recruitment process gives the candidate a snapshot of what it is really like to work for your business.

  • Provide a well written job description – candidates need to be able to understand the context of the job and how they fit into the bigger business.
  • Be realistic about what you are asking the candidate to prepare – particularly for a first interview
  • Be flexible when providing times and dates for interviews
  • Greet the candidates warmly and use positive body language – candidates remember how you make them feel

Be cautious of your timescales

Speed is of the essence, a candidate who has applied for your role may well have applied for others. Those who move quickly through the recruitment process will make a candidate feel wanted.

Immerse the candidate in your culture

Give the candidate an insight into your company’s culture – they need to be able to feel at home within your brand.

  • What does your company stand for?
  • What makes you different?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What is it really like to work for you?

Discuss career paths and possible opportunities

With a great deal of a person’s life spent in the workplace, it is important that candidates feel that they are making the right decision to move roles. Explain to candidates what career opportunities may become available to them and if possible, how they might obtain them.

Discuss concerns and expectations

Candidates need to know that you are taking their application seriously and would consider how they fit within your business. Ask candidates if they have any questions or concerns about the role, be open about salary banding and discuss benefits from the start. Open communications can add great value to the candidate experience.

Continue the relationship

Once a candidate has accepted the job and is working their notice period – keep them engaged in both the job and your business. Keep in touch with them, invite them to events or meetings and keep communicating beyond their start date. The candidate experience doesn’t cease the moment an offer is accepted. 

Following these simple steps will greatly increase your chances of securing the best candidates for your business.

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